DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

File Types:
(not specified)

Base Figures:  Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  Genesis 8 Female Head morphs, Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs

Departments: 3D Figure Assets • Characters


Say hello to the Retro Heroine 8.
A new high-quality character for Genesis 8 & 3 Female full of action and sexiness.

She can fit in any role you want her to. From a beautiful model to a badass Tomboy. There is no limit.

Her textures (4096×4096 for Diffuse, Spec, Bump & Normal Maps, 2048×2048 for SSS maps) have been crafted from high resolution photo resources, and she’s equipped with stunning Iray SSS/Translucency shaders, focused on her realism.
Her morphs have been hand sculpted and were optimized with the base G8F morphs.

Material Options:
She has 8 Lip Color textures, 9 eyeshadows, 5 nail polishes and all include a “Natural” Preset to either remove her Lip color, Eyeshadow or nail polish.
On top of that she comes with a lip overlay weight preset, in 4 different intensities and numerous color presets. This way you can give her ANY lip color you desire.
She also comes with a set of tattoos, with 2 presets, for turning her Tattoo ON and OFF.
Of course she’s also equipped with textures and materials for the G3F and G8F Anatomical Elements.

All of those materials will be found for Iray & 3Delight.

Additionally, for Iray, she also has 2 skin presets, a wet and normal one, Those are affecting the skin wetness ONLY not the previously selected texture options for more flexibility.

Thank you for your interest and happy rendering. 🙂