HD Widgets 3.9.5 – 3.10.2 APK Free Download for Android

HD Widgets 3.9.5 – 3.10.2 APK Free Download for Android


HD Widgets 3 comes with a ton of colorful themes for your Android device which brings uncountable customization and personalizations to your Android mobile phone or tablet in an HD style. The app has a lot of useful widgets which your Android device’s traditional home-screen and deeper layouts into amazingly beautiful and colorful screens.

The current version of the widgets is HD Widgets 3.10.2 which is as feature rich and even more powerful than the previous popular version, 3.9.5. Some cool features of HD Widgets 3.10.2 are listed below which make the HD Widgets a loved app of Android users.


Colorful Screens: There are a lot of colorful screens included in the widgets which bring great customization flexibility on your Android device. The widget transforms your device’s clock and other components beautifully and thus it brings an HD reflection on your Android device’s screen.

Along with three different clock types, the widget is loaded with two sidebars and several other personal styles too which help you transform your device’s home-screen the way you like to give it an HD reflection.

Supports Multiple Platforms: The same APK file of the app is supported by multiple platforms and you don’t need to download and install different APKs of the app for your Android mobile phone or tablet. The single APK file is supported by both your Android phone and tablet, thus you don’t need to dig deeper to find which version of the app is suitable for your device.

High Sensitivity: HD Widgets 3 respond quickly to what you input via the touch feature of your Android device’s screen. The swipe feature of the widgets is highly sensitive and accurate and it allows you to switch between different screens flexibly and quickly.

Multiple Weather Services: HD Widgets gets you updates about your area’s weather conditions from multiple weather forecasting services like AccuWeather, WeatherBug and Weather Underground. Now you can easily configure and setup the service which is most accurate in your case.

These were some common features of HD Widgets 3.10.2 which make it an essential app for your Android device. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, then you can get it at below provided links:

HD Widgets 3.10.2 Download Links:

Download APK File (Direct Link) – Size: 21.1MB

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