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Now a days, Safety of Women’s is a point of concern. Mostly a point of concern in nights and desolates areas. Even our law enforcement is not able to provide appropriate security. Here, Technology can give Women’s a heavy sigh of relief . Here we have some great  apps for Women safety through their smartphones. 

1. Damini 

Platform – Android

This app was developed after the Damin case in Delhi. In case of any danger the app sends messages to registered numbers. Your GPS location will also be send in regular interval of time. After the activation, the app starts capturing the pics of location and sends them to registered numbers and cloud storage. Cloud storage will be helpful in case of lost or damage of mobile phone.

2. Circle 

Platform – Android

Circle is an unique app of its kind. Mainly it is designed for collage students but it is available for anyone. In case of danger you can send message to your friend with a single tap only. It is available in Hindi. It comes with pre-loaded Delhi Helpline numbers.

 3. bSafe 

Platform – Android, BlackBerry, iOS

This app has some good reviews. It comes with free as well as Premium version also.

Free features – 

1. One click SOS alarm with GPS position

2. Fake Call

3. I’m here notifications to Guardians

4. Test/ Demo option.

Premium features – 

1. SOS alarm with loud GPS tracing, loud sound and video recording

2. Let friends walk you home from a distance using Follow Me with live GPS tracing

3. Follow me also allows you to schedule an automatic alarm if you have not checked by a predefined period

4. SafetiPIn 

Platform – Android

With SafetiPin you get a map based view of your neighbourhood, community and city which involves pictures, comments and scores.

Top Features – 

1.View your neighbourhood, your city, the World and see safety scores.

2. Like and comment on posts in your your circles of interests or outside.

3. Setup your circles of interest – areas you would like to track and know if something interesting is posted.

4. Record how safe you feel- when and where you feel it and add pictures.

5. Do safety audits and view audits done by others

6. Earn points to move up levels – from White to Black Belt

7. Find important locations and directions to get to them

5. Scream Alarm –

Platform – Android

This is a free safety alarm that does only one thing, push the button for making the phone scream loudly with a woman’s voice.

Perfect for females that need some kind of safety alarm. If you are feeling insecure or threatened just push the button.

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